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Stay connected with us on social media to gain access to our latest speech therapy materials, YouTube videos, and recommendations on a wide variety of speech therapy product. On this page you can find all of our social media in one place for your convenience. Please stay connected with us. We would love to hear from you and connect. 
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SpeechLanguageBeyond-  Latest videos:  Christmas Language Match-Up Tutorial: CLICK HERE| My Christmas First Words: CLICK HERE| First Words: Baby's First Words Guide for Parents| Learn to Talk | First Words for Babies: CLICK HERE | Home Activities for Syllable Production: CLICK HERE| Home Language Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers: CLICK HERE Home Language Activities for Opposites: CLICK HERE|"WH" Questions Tips for Parents: CLICK HERE| WHAT Questions Interactive, Kid-Friendly Speech Lesson: CLICK HERE| WHERE Questions Interactive, Kid-Friendly Speech Lesson: CLICK HERE| Commonly Misarticulated Sounds of R and L: CLICK HERE | R and L Interactive, Kid Speech Lesson- CLICK HERE | Commonly Misarticulated Sounds: K and G: Tutorial- CLICK HERE | Interactive Kid, Friendly Video Speech Lesson: CLICK HERE |My Child's Speech is Hard to Understand| What is Articulation? - CLICK HERE| How to Use the Speech Calendar- CLICK HERE     

Holistic Speech Tx Solution: Latest videos: Positive Aspirations for the Speech Parent: CLICK HERE| Patience Meditation-CLICK HERE| Acceptance Meditation- CLICK HERE

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