Speech Language and Beyond, LLC
"Embedding Speech Activities into Families Daily Routine"

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Asheley Sellers, M.Ed., CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist

About Speech Language and Beyond, LLC
Speech Language and Beyond, LLC is a private practice founded by Ashely Sellers, an American Speech Language Hearing Association Certified and Georgia licensed Speech Language Pathologist on July 29, 2011 in Albany, Georgia. We provide specialized speech therapy services to children 2 to 6 years of age with primary and secondary communication disorders. Speech Language and Beyond, LLC specializes in providing treatment in the following areas for children that are non-verbal, using very few words, have speech that is hard to understand, and have difficulty attending and following directions:
  • articulation therapy
  • receptive and expressive language therapy
  • oral motor therapy

"Committed to taking a holistic approach to speech therapy services for children and their families to achieve effective communication skills."
 Asheley Riggins-Sellers is a Georgia licensed, American Speech Language Hearing Association Certified with a Certificate of Clinical Competence, and Beckman Oral Motor Certified  Speech Language Pathologist.  She is Magna Cum Lade graduate of Valdosta State University, where she received both a Bachelor of Science Education and Master of Education Degree in Communication Disorders. Asheley has experience working with pediatrics with communication disorders in the following settings: school, early intervention in homes, day cares, preschools, and head starts, online via teletherapy, and privately in the clinical setting. Asheley is establishing a presence in social media with her YouTube Channels, Instagram and Facebook page.  Asheley creates innovative and effective speech therapy learning materials for children and their families. Most importantly, Asheley is married to the love of her life Brandon Sellers and is the proud mother of the most loving and kind-hearted little boy in the world, Ashton David Sellers.